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We are producing 100% natural decorative ornament products from all kinds of forest products which are in our forests in the status of secondary product that lost its agricultural purposes. We have come together to become pioneer by making a difference in the sector with our expert cadre who has more than 10 years of experience.

Besides providing the production and export of main and complementary decorative natural products which will be a solution for indoor and outdoor décor, we also aim to supply raw materials to manufacturing companies in this sector from all over the world.

We are saying hello to the market with our strength and intelligence both for ranking among in the competitive market and for improving the quality to increase the competition in our country.

We want to introduce our products to European countries in the beginning then all over the world.

We want to contribute to national economy with the value-added activities by creating safe supply chains, new fields of work and new additional jobs in this area where we believe to expand our capacity by increasing our product and service support.

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